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An Eye for Good

We’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves. In today’s interconnected day and age, we cannot exist in isolation. We cannot work in isolation. And we cannot flourish in isolation. Giving back was always a natural extension of our business.

We set up the foundation in 2009 as our way of giving back to society. We look upon our actions as our duty. So much so that all profits from the business have been pledged to the Quest Foundation.

In this fast paced world, we often sacrifice a healthy lifestyle to our careers. We forget to maintain a balance between our lifestyle and our work life. At Quest, we do not limit our contributions to social causes alone. We have attempted to facilitate a more holistic approach to our lifestyle by actively pursuing wellness initiatives such as yoga, meditation, devoting time to spiritual literature etc.

We have, to date, contributed over Rs 31 crores to various charitable activities across a spectrum of healthcare, educational, spiritual, tribal and social causes.


Quest Foundation has supported a number of initiatives since its inception. Apart from our social initiatives, we have actively pursued wellness initiatives that attempt to instill a sense of calm and peace to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To this end, we have set up, under the auspices of Iyengar Yogasharya, a centre which conducts Iyengar Yoga classes for over 500 students. These classes seek to unite the body, mind and spirit to promote health and general well being. All the operating expenses of running the classes are borne by the foundation.

Quest Foundation has also sponsored Nutan Gyaan Dhara, a free public library which houses over 5,000 titles spanning a plethora of subjects. Some of these subjects include spirituality, healthcare, meditation and yoga. Guruji Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar inaugurated the library on 18th February 2011. Through this initiative, the tools to wellness are open to any one who seeks it. Building on our focus of wellness, we partnered with the Chinmaya Mission for ‘Geeta at a glance’ – an initiative that provided a bird’s eye view of the 18 chapters of the Bhagawad Geeta through 20 sessions.

Quest Foundation has also pursued social initiatives spanning tribal welfare, general healthcare, education and rural healthcare. We have partnered with the Tribal Integrated Development Trust, Mumbai to help them further the cause of tribal upliftment. Our healthcare initiatives have involved, besides general funding for the down trodden towards medical assistance, donating equipments to Sion Hospital, Mumbai and helping Shri Ram Hospital, Gondal, Gujarat pursue its mission of rural healthcare. We are firm believers in the transformative powers of education and have helped SNDT College, Wadala, Mumbai and Bellur BKS Iyengar Trust, Bengaluru, in pursuing their respective agendas in their field.

We aim to build on these initiatives and provide our full support to them. We also continue to actively identify and partner with new causes that resonate with our core.


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