We’re well aware that our business is the result of hardwork of all our stakeholders. Each and every person has, in his/her own way, made this organisation what it is today. We value every partnership, and more importantly, the trust that our investors, and society at large, have placed in us, and always strive to be worthy of it.


At Quest, we believe in a philosophy where giving back is an organic extension of our business. Through the Quest Foundation, we actively seek and lend our support to noble initiatives. Initiatives aimed at doing good. After all, a business draws from society. Isn’t it just fair to give back in atleast equal measure?


We stay invested through market cycles. Our focus is on a sustained rather than sporadic performance. We could ride our ability and luck to the top but without character and persistence, it would be impossible to stay there.


Our clients trust us to do what’s best for them. We engage with professionals who are amongst the best in their respective fields to serve our clients better.

Quality of Business Associates

We’re very cognisant of the depth and expanse of the market we’re working in. It keeps us grounded. We respect that the market is bigger than us and we’re continually bettering ourselves by learning from the market everyday.


The investment universe requires integrity at all levels to function smoothly. We stress on utmost integrity in all our transactions with external as well as internal stakeholders.