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Our Offerings


Our common objective to generate long term capital appreciation and Superior Risk Adjusted Returns for investors in the long run by creating alpha through selection of a basket of high-quality listed companies across market capitalizations.

We have three PMS offerings namely:
  1. Quest Flagship
  2. Quest Multi
  3. Quest Focus

Key Terms

Equity Diversified

Minimum Investment:
Rs. 50 Lakhs

Suggested Time Horizon:
Minimum 3 years

Key Highlights

Key Highlights
Quest Flagship
Quest Multi
Quest Focus
Launch date
NSE 500
NSE 500
NSE 500
Bias (Market Cap)
Large caps
Market cap agnostic
Market cap agnostic
TWRR Return (Since inception)
Top 3 sectors
Financials, Consumer and Energy
Financials, Auto & Auto Anc. and Real Estate & Home Improvement
Financials, Energy & Consumer
Top 3 sectors (% of Total)

Disclaimer: The datapoints and returns are as on 31st  December 2022. The performance related information provided is not verified by SEBI. Returns are calculated on TWRR basis and are post all expenses and fees.

Direct Onboarding

Disclosure document


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